Why are personalised puzzles a better gift to give?


Want a gift that will make a forever lasting impression? Then a personalised puzzle is for you! 

Smoochy Poochy specialise in providing personalised jigsaw puzzles. We understand that people perceive there is more value in this sort of product compared to a non-personalised product. 

We asked our customers what they thought and they said “it was about the feeling that comes from something beyond the jigsaw puzzle”. Some say it’s not a product but rather a forever lasting memory. 

Other customers mentioned it was about the thought.. The thought which counts.. Personalised puzzles show even more thought on the part of the giver rather than a plain puzzle. Not only did the giver choose the product but also turned their personalised picture into a puzzle.

Our customers believe it is about the connection they have with their loved ones. Personalised products allow them to memorialise their relationship with the ones that are closest with them most for example a birthday, wedding anniversary, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Christmas. 

It can be concluded that by turning your picture into a puzzle makes the gift much more meaningful for the receiver and personalised puzzles are a great way to achieve this!