Wondering what are the largest puzzles ever created?


Since 1700’s when the jigsaw puzzle was first created it has evolved significantly! Once designed with smaller pieces and for children. In recent years the greater the difficulty of the puzzle and puzzle pieces the greater the challenge and demand. Personalised puzzles are also growing in trend. 


What are the largest commercial jigsaw puzzles? 

Wikipedia states, the world’s largest commercial puzzles are:  

 52,110 puzzle pieces and 696 × 202cm in size.

51,300 puzzle pieces and 869 × 191cm in size.

48,000 puzzle pieces and 768 × 204cm in size.

We may think a 1000 piece personalised puzzle is difficult to make however try x that by 52!!


The largest jigsaw puzzles ever created in terms of size 

The world’s largest jigsaw puzzle in size was 5,428.8 m2. This reached the Guinness World Records. This was a great idea with a personalised puzzles design that everyone could enjoy. 

The Guinness record of CYM Group in 2011 with 551,232 pieces


The largest jigsaw puzzles ever created in terms of jigsaw puzzle pieces 

The jigsaw puzzle with the largest number of puzzle pieces was 551,232 pieces and measured 14.85 × 23.20m. It has been listed in the Guinness World Records. Comparing this to a 1000 piece personalised puzzle it is 551 larger.


Current market trends are showing that the increased size and degree of complexity of  the puzzle is becoming very popular. A 1000 piece personalised puzzle might be challenging however try 551 times that! Take on the challenge to create a larger personalised puzzle today!