Fun facts about Jigsaw Puzzles!


It is Puzzling Times!

Being isolated at home due to covid-19 restrictions have been puzzling times for many households in Australia. We have had to find new ways to keep ourselves entertained and this has brought new activities to our daily routines. For many households in Australia this new hobby is working together to create custom puzzles.  Below are some fun facts about jigsaw puzzles. 

How long have they been around? Jigsaw puzzles have been around for 250 years! 

What helped the mass production of puzzles? The mass production of the jigsaw puzzle began in the 20th century with the use of the die-cut machine. This makes it a lot quicker and easier to make custom jigsaw puzzles.

How did it get its name Jigsaw Puzzle you ask?  The name jigsaw comes from the special saw called a jigsaw that was used to cut the puzzles.

Have they been popular throughout other hard times? Yes the jigsaw puzzle in Australia was very popular in the great depression. Unemployment was high and income was low so people did not have the funds to travel. Many turned to the jigsaw puzzle!

Can you find jigsaw puzzles in a museum? Yes, they can be found in the The Puzzle Mansion in the Philippines. The Guinness World Records has recognised this has the largest world wide collection.

Who are the Famous Fans? Some of the world’s most famous people are puzzlers! This includes Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones and Bill Gates.

Can you get a Custom puzzle in Australia? Yes, jigsaw puzzles in Australia are very popular and the custom puzzles are starting to lead the way for many retailers. 

In conclusion Covid-19 restrictions have been a puzzling time for many and we have created new activities to our daily routines to compensate. For many households custom puzzles have become a new hobby for many families within Australia. Puzzles have been around for 250 years and have made their strong return in 2020. It doesn’t appear that the jigsaw puzzle is going anywhere soon!