What Jigsaw Puzzles Are The Best in Australia 


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. State lockdowns, ordering online and social distancing has all become the new “normal”. These changes also come with a lot of challenges relating to people’s lives mentally and physically. However, in order to help reduce anxiety and stress Smoochy Poochy engages creating custom jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles have various benefits to both adults and children, including;

  • Relaxation and mindfulness- firstly it is a lot of fun to upload your photo and turn it into a custom puzzle. Creating the puzzle requires lots of focus which helps block out thoughts and stress. 
  • Memory skills- Creating a jigsaw is captivating and requires a lot of concentration.
  • Family bonding – Working together to create a custom jigsaw puzzle can help create important family bonding time.

Custom puzzles come in a large variety of sizes and colours to attract both kids and adults.

Jigsaw puzzles in Australia are becoming more and more popular! If it not a custom puzzle you are looking for there any many other options on the market including: 

  1. Origami poster puzzle.

This puzzle comes with different modern designs. They include; celestial, an astronomical map, and repeat patterns.

  1. Top trumps cats and dogs puzzle

This is not your typical jigsaw puzzle. You can flip the pieces over, there is a black and white version and crayons for colouring in the puzzle. 

  1. Frida Kahlo pick me up

Frida is quite a popular puzzle. It’s a decent challenge for both small and old enough kids and adults. 

  1. Ravensurger’ no ball games’ puzzle

This puzzle is very challenging; it has a colourful fishing village scene painted by Scottish artist Ailsa Black. It has a variety of colours which makes it a good challenge. 

  1. Hokusai: The great wave

What an awesome picture! The great wave of Kanagawa. This puzzle can be very tricky to do with similar colours and patterns. It may take a long time to make.


Jigsaw puzzles in Australia are becoming very popular and have been around for over 250 years. No matter what age you are, custom puzzles are fun to make and a great way to kill time, which helps to reduce boredom stress. This is very important in these uncertain times.