Finished Jigsaw Puzzle Ideas


Personalised puzzles are a fun game where one can create their own design, upload the images onto the website and solve the puzzle either on their own or with a group. Once you complete a custom puzzle there is a great sense of achievement. Many people ask themselves what next after finishing a custom puzzle. They ask themselves what should we do with it? You never want to break a puzzle up and place it back inside the box immediately after you have created it; therefore, you might let it be out for some days or weeks to celebrate the finished jigsaw. This article mentions various ideas of what you can do with your completed personalised puzzles, including:


Frame: You can preserve and frame your puzzles: many people spend a lot of time putting together a complex work of art that they may not want to put inside a box straight away. Framing your personalised puzzles for your home or office display is among the best options you can have. The 1000 piece puzzle can take up to 30 hours to create so to frame your achievement is a beautiful way of preserving your hard work and showing it off to the rest of the world. The puzzles can be preserved and framed according to your choice, room, theme, and even color.


Donate: Consider donating your puzzles if they are just stored on your shelf and you don’t have plans of creating them again. You could donate your puzzles to schools, churches, homeless shelters, prisons, and libraries. It doesn’t matter where you donate your puzzle; it will always be used by someone who will appreciate it! It is always nice when you donate your puzzles to ensure there are all the pieces in the box before donating it. It could be frustrating for the next creator if pieces are missing! 


Become crafty: Think outside the box! You can use Pinterest to search for different puzzle ideas, from gift cards to picture frames to holiday ornaments to gift tags and even housewares. Simple search the word “Puzzle Craft”. 


Take a picture: Show off your masterpiece! Taking a selfie with your finished personalised puzzles. It is the perfect time to entice your excitement to a different level and prove to the world what you have achieved. Today, everything is digital; you can decide to post status and even decorate your Instagram page with beautiful puzzle photos. Share the pictures with your friends and family and get appreciated.


Make a puzzle collection: You can come up with a collection of puzzles and show it everywhere you go. Many puzzle collectors have a different collection of various types of pictures, sceneries, characters, designs, and all the things that attract puzzle lovers’ interest. Having a collection of the puzzles can generate some income through selling them online. You can sell your old, finished puzzles to your friends or family and make money. Out with the old, in with the new! 


Make a new jigsaw puzzle: Puzzles usually increase the power of thinking. Immediately when you have solved a puzzle, it makes you feel like solving more puzzles. Always think of doing a new puzzle after finishing one because it is a perfect exercise for your brain and enhances short-term memory.


Custom jigsaw puzzles are a sentimental personalised gift idea. Here are some ideas when creating your customised puzzles: pictures of pets or animals, photos of family holidays, family members’ photos, or even your best car, aircraft, or truck photo. Additionally, you can use jigsaw explorer to create online custom jigsaw puzzles and share them with family and friends or even your website visitors. You do not need any registration or logins to create your custom jigsaw puzzles using the jigsaw explorer. You only need to key in your image file’s web address, select the create button, and your puzzle becomes ready.


Don’t simply throw away your jigsaw puzzle once it has been created or place it back in its box never to be seen again! Get creative and reuse it! There are various things you can do with your finished puzzles, such as framing, donating, taking photos, becoming crafty, making a jigsaw puzzle collection and even designing a new jigsaw puzzle.