5 common custom puzzles mistakes that you must avoid


Puzzles are, undoubtedly, one of the most mind-stimulating activities. Besides that, solving a puzzle makes for a delightful pastime with the family. Simply put, bringing together separate jigsaw pieces to form a big picture is good for the mind and familial relationships. But that’s not where the fun ends! Add the option to get custom puzzles made for yourself, and you have a recreational project exclusive to you and your loved ones. Now, won’t that be a sweet deal?!

While the idea of getting personalised puzzles is exciting, it can be tricky too. Since getting a customised photo puzzle means you will be the one to come up with the idea and decide how the jigsaw will be divided, you need to think long and hard about what you want. Concisely put, putting together a customised puzzle is challenging, which is why people more often than not end up making mistakes, turning a fun activity rather irksome.

If you want to ensure that you have a great time, you should avoid the following common custom puzzle mistakes.

Not Considering The Natural Progression

Puzzles are super engaging for all, but not everyone has the same ability to solve each model. Therefore, if you wish to get a custom piece or set one for someone who might not be the most seasoned player, you need to consider the complexity level (that you will have to decide).

Naturally, when you choose the image or theme of the game, you will have to decide how complex you want it to be—for beginners, going for a simple picture, such as that of scenery, maybe best, while for experts, a complex image may work the best.

That said, doing so can be difficult because most people are not pros at the job, aka assembling puzzles. Therefore, it’s important to get advice from the assemblers you choose to get the puzzle from, like Smoochy Poochy.

Also keep in mind the larger puzzles take much longer to put together and can be much more complex while the smaller puzzles are quicker and can be a lot less complex.

Not Choosing An Animated Theme/Image

The picture that is separated into pieces to become a complete jigsaw plays an essential role in how exciting the game will be. If it’s a dull, colorless illustration, the chances are that those solving the puzzle will not be too keen on getting it right.

In other words, be sure to pick a theme or picture that’s colorful and engaging for all. Doing so will not only interest the recipient of your gift but also their guests.

Collage puzzles include many pictures and can be a lot of fun to create and make.

Not Adding Options To Enhance The Difficulty Level

While it’s essential to consider the complexity level of the puzzle you set so that all players get to enjoy it, you also need to ensure that there are ways to up the challenge when necessary. That is when a player becomes too familiar, they will get exceptionally good at solving the puzzle. Therefore, they should have a way to make things a little more complicated; otherwise, they will lose interest.

Keeping The Puzzle Age Restrictive

Typically, the point of custom puzzles is to bring together friends and family to have an activity to take in. This means there shouldn’t be an age limit on who can play it and who cannot. If that happens, the younger members of the clan will feel left out, and you don’t want that.

Besides, involving everyone when doing a customised jigsaw puzzle makes the entire experience much more delightful for all.

Choose a puzzle size and image that suits the individuals making it.

Going For A Unpopular/Unfamiliar Theme/Image

When you get a puzzle made for someone, try to use a picture familiar to the recipient and most of those around them. If you pick a random photo, you will most likely diminish the excitement of the game.

Custom puzzles don’t need to be based on family images or famous portraits; they can be about anything in the world. From pictures of pets to sceneries, there are multiple ideas you can use to get a brilliant puzzle design made. However, be sure to pick the base of your custom jigsaw smartly so that whoever gets a look at it wants to solve it right away.

Ending Note

Do you want to make a loved one feel special? Or do you want to honor someone’s love for their pets? Regardless of the reason, custom puzzles are excellent at putting a smile on anyone’s face.

One essential caveat to remember is to choose the developer wisely, someone who has superior command on their craft and will be able to materialize your vision. Remember the size of the puzzle and the image are the most important aspects to get right!

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