Mind Tip 101: Know the ways of solving puzzles quickly


Puzzles make for an incredibly fun activity! It is excellent to kick all stresses to the curb and have one goal in mind to complete the one in the making. Moreover, putting together a jigsaw provides friends and family with an opportunity to spend quality time together.

In simple words, puzzles are beneficial in more than one way. From spurring on the mind to offering an enjoyable pastime for a family, a jigsaw is an exceptional game to stay occupied. With all that said, solving a puzzle can be tricky, especially for novice players.

However, the good news is that a person can get better at piecing puzzles together with practice and a few expert tips up their sleeves. If you want to learn some pro – ways of solving puzzles quickly, here is a detailed guide for you.

Use A Flat Surface

As enticing as playing in bed may be, solving puzzles requires a flat surface without creases or bumps. If you like to kick back your feet when doing a jigsaw, you can stay in bed but be sure to have a flat table to spread the pieces.

Various kinds of smart flat tables are now available in the market that you can buy to put together a puzzle in bed with your partner or even kids.

Empty The Container And Scatter All The Pieces

Whichever bag or box contains your jigsaw puzzles pieces, turn it upside down to empty the contents onto the surface you will be using to play.

Spread all the pieces of your puzzle so that you can view each one clearly. Doing so will allow you to put together the parts more easily and quickly. Naturally, when you are able to see each and every piece of the picture you have to complete, you are more likely to work out which piece goes where.

Focus On The Lighting

Perhaps one of the most important tips to solving puzzles quickly is lighting up the room you are in brightly. Often, people can underestimate the impact bright light has on puzzle making. You may think that you can work with bedside lamps, but that’s highly unlikely.

Since a jigsaw contains a picture, every section is essential to completing the entire set. But without abundant illumination, you can miss out on pieces for a number of reasons.

Firstly, a shadow may hide a critical line or shape on a piece that you need to finish the jigsaw. Next, you may not be able to see the colours right, which can also impede your ability to complete the puzzle quickly.

All in all, be sure your room is brightly lit when you sit down to play.

Solve The Edges First

An immensely helpful tip to piecing together a jigsaw is completing the edges first. Doing so will allow you to get a better idea of how you need to put the sections together. Moreover, making the borders first provides a framework to work within, making the complete process faster.

Look For Geometric Shapes

Besides the borders, keep an eye out for geometric shapes, as piecing those together will be much easier. And once you are done with joining sharp lines and corners, you will be better able to visualize the picture you have to make.

Take Breaks

While channeling your focus is necessary to solve puzzles, you need to take breaks from time to time, especially if the one you are working on is complex.

Sometimes, staying at something relentlessly may do more harm than good because your eyes will get tired and miss essential clues. Therefore, when you find yourself struggling to make progress, take a break, have a coldie and recharge yourself. When you get back to your puzzle after a quick breather, you will notice a world of difference in your ability.

Ending Note

Jigsaws are exceptional recreational projects to solve together! But if you are a competitive soul, you’d want to win more than anything. To do that, you should follow the mentioned tricks to get the upper hand over all other players.

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