A Guide to creating the Jigsaw puzzles from your photos


Solving puzzles is a great way to improve your mental prowess and give your brain some exercise. In addition, puzzles are fun for both kids and adults and even better if they are personalised.

What’s more exciting for your kids than putting the pieces of a puzzle together and finding out it their faces?

You can get a jigsaw puzzle made from photos of your family, maybe one capturing a special moment like a fun beach day with everyone looking cheerful.

Follow these steps to see how to make jigsaw puzzles from photos:

Step 1: Select puzzle type

You could make a jigsaw puzzle out of a single picture or go crazy and make a collage of two or more photos – it’s entirely up to you!

Remember that it’s crucial to consider who will solve the puzzle. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your little one getting fed up or confused with solving a confusing picture puzzle. You can add an intriguing background colour or special characters, texts, or patterns.

Step 2: Choose the size of the jigsaw puzzle

Should the puzzle have 1000 pieces or just 12 pieces?

It would be best to consider who will solve the puzzle game at the end of the day. An adult puzzle can be large in puzzle pieces and a complex image can be used. Meanwhile, the puzzle size for kids should be small and the image simple with lots of contrast.

Step 3: Pick the picture

Choose a good photo that reflects your best moments. You can choose a picture of your kids so it can encourage them to solve the puzzle.

If you like a challenge, pick an outdoor photo with lots of sky for your 1000 piece puzzle – it should be lots of fun. If you plan on gifting someone a jigsaw puzzle made from pictures, it’s thoughtful to use an image that captures a special moment or memory of a loved one.

Pictures with solid colours like grass, sky or fur can be difficult to make. While collages or pictures with lots of colours and contracts are easier to make.

Your picture selection is probably the most important part! Make it sentimental! It’ll be fun making memories and finding your face when assembling a jigsaw puzzle from a photo.

Step 4: Order it

After choosing the best photos that work well for the jigsaw puzzle, you’d need to cross-check if the collage pictures work well together – if you opted for a collage.

Benefits of jigsaw puzzles

1. It’s a brain teaser:

Solving puzzles is a good way of reducing stress. Research has also shown that puzzle-solving helps to improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning.

Puzzle games can help you be more focused.

2. It helps improve your memory:

Do you forget things easily?

Solving puzzles can help to improve your short-term memory by reinforcing connections between brain cells and improving mental speed.

3 It’s fun:

You can enjoy this activity alone and use it as a stress reliever, or your kids and friends can tag along.

It’s a great way to bond with friends and family and spend lots of time piecing up the jigsaw puzzle.

4. It’s the perfect present for a friend:

Imagine you made John Wick a personalised Jigsaw puzzle with photos of his beloved wife and dog. That would be the most thoughtful gift on earth.

You can make your friend super emotional if your post the right photos for a
personalised puzzle as a gift.

5. It help boost IQ:

According to research done by scientists at the University of Michigan, solving riddles and puzzles for about 25 minutes a day can help boost your IQ by 4 points.


Solving puzzles is relaxing, entertaining, and good for boosting brain function. You can build and personalise your own puzzle-making decisions on the type of puzzles you want – a single picture or collage.

It will be best to consider the age of the person you’re gifting the puzzle. If it’s your 5-year-old, you should stick with a 12 piece puzzle. If it’s an adult go for the large 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

Personalised jigsaw puzzles from photos allow you to remember unforgettable events in everyday games. They can equally be a beautiful gift for a friend or loved one – they’d probably have it framed and hanging on their wall if you get a photo that means a lot to them. Head to Smoochy Poochy to find out more!