How Jigsaws are a delight for a puzzler?


When you look at a jigsaw puzzle, the first word that comes to mind is chaos! That’s what puzzles are, many pieces of one colossal chaos, but so is life sometimes. You might have had many overwhelming situations in your life. Overwhelming situations can be taxing and tricky until the very end. So, picking up jigsaws for adults is a natural hobby if you are into brain stimulation.

Jigsaw puzzles have always been popular among children. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, jigsaw puzzles have changed their reputation, and they are now being seen as a great mode of entertainment for people from different backgrounds.

Jigsaw puzzles have emerged as the new favourite hobby for young adults. However, there is more to it than just one benefit. There are many benefits of jigsaw puzzles. Let us look at a few of the many advantages we get when we pick the best puzzles for adults.

1. Sense of Control: There is no feeling that quite reassures the same way as spreading a whole jigsaw puzzle and solving it bit by bit. Initially, there is so much chaos, but towards the end, when the entire picture comes together, it’s beautiful. Solving that mind-bending puzzle gives you the ultimate sense of control. Additionally, you already know the outcome, so there is a sense of relief that you will achieve something by the end of the puzzle.

2. Sense of Purpose: At the end of the day, when you sit with the jigsaw puzzle and a cup of coffee, you know that you are going to complete this puzzle. Puzzles not only give you a clear goal but also keep you from meaningless scrolling. Social media scrolls can be extremely draining and frustrating for many people. Therefore, solving a meaningful puzzle and achieving something in your free time can give you an immense sense of purpose.

3. Almost like Meditation: While working on a puzzle, it is just you and the pieces—nothing else. You are filled with a delightful silence and serenity while moving your hands around the table. You feel the pieces with your hands and put them together in front of your eyes. Solving a puzzle is just like meditation. It commands your focus and attention.

4. Do it with someone: Puzzles are not just about one person. It could be an excellent team and trust-building technique with a lot to learn. You can share a giant puzzle with one or more family members. Solving a puzzle together can build your relationship with them and form a strong bond.

5. A Great Escape: Many people choose the picture they like best while selecting a puzzle. Completing a jigsaw puzzle gives a sense of escape. The immersive experience can calm you and transport you to the image in the puzzle.

6. Aids Cognitive Functions: Puzzles involve using two senses and entire focus. You use your hands to touch, eyes to observe, and brain to think which piece goes where. All of this requires supreme hand-eye coordination. Puzzles increase problem-solving, anxiety-related issues, and cognitive functions in the body.

7. Your brain likes to solve puzzles, not look at new TikTok videos: Many jigsaw puzzlers spend hours over hours solving huge puzzles because it gives them a sense of purpose. The achievement of completing a puzzle provides many people with a dopamine rush, a hormone that is released when you are happy. Your brain loves solving problems.


Puzzles are an excellent way to unwind and relax at the end of the day. They help the brain maintain flexibility and neuroplasticity. Puzzles came to the rescue of many people during the lockdown. During the gloomy days of lockdown, puzzle sales shot up because of the number of people interested in them.

You can add the joy of solving puzzles when you have free time to ensure that your mental health is optimum. You can add jigsaw puzzles to your hobbies and give your brain the gentle nudge to do better! Additionally, jigsaw puzzles can be an excellent way to form bonds with your family members, friends, and children.