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How to include your dog in your wedding day

Want to include your dog in your wedding but don’t know how?

Please find below some pawsome ideas and tips on how to include your poochy in your special day:

Proposal / Engagement

  • Place a dog sign/plaque around your dog’s neck to propose to your loved one. Wedding sign saying “Will you marry me?”.
  • Place the ring on a piece of ribbon around your dogs neck to propose to your loved one.
  • Take a picture of your dog with a sign/plaque to let all your friends know  “I asked” and “She said yes”.
  • Let your poochy star in your save the date photo. Place a dog sign/plaque around your dog’s neck “Save the date 20/07/2020”.
  • Include your dog in your engagement party and photos.

Wedding planning    

  • Check with your desired venue location to make sure they are a pet friendly wedding venue.
  • Unless it is a surprise, it is a good idea to notify guests that a dog will be present. Therefore those guests who might have allergies or a fear of dogs can plan accordingly.
  • Notify the venue manager, wedding planner, photographer, groomer, celebrant, caterers, band, florist so they are aware of your plans.
  • Start ordering wedding products such as dog wedding attire, dog wedding signs, dog ring pillow, dog bathrobe, luxurious dog bed, dog lead, dog collar, dog treats, dog toys and designed dog cufflinks and matching groomsmen socks with your pet’s face on them.  Check out our exclusive range.

Wedding Day

Pre Wedding

  • Dress your dog in dog wedding attire – for example dog bow tie, dog tuxedo, dog wedding dress, dog tutu, dog flower collar/wreath/lead, ring pillow, dog bathrobe or a custom-made dog wedding sign.
  • Include your dog in the getting ready photo shoot wearing a luxurious dog bathrobe.
  • Get a well-timed photo of your ring resting on their nose or paw.


  • At the ceremony have your dog meet and greet guests on arrival.
  • Have your dog be the ring bearer. Tie your rings on a dog ring pillow and place the pillow on the dogs back or around their neck.
  • Have your dog walk down the wedding aisle with a sign “My humans are getting married”, “I do too!” or “Dog of honor”.
  • Instead of carrying a flower bouquet carry your poochy down the aisle.
  • Have your dog film the ceremony from the dog’s perspective, which we can help organise.
  • Have your dog accompany the bridesmaids, page boy and/or flower girl down the aisle.
  • Include your dog in the vows by having them by your side or holding them.
  • Include your dog in your wedding photos.
  • Include your dog when the bride and groom are leaving the ceremony.



  • At the reception use dog themed accessories like place cards, photo holders or paw print confetti.
  • Include your dog as a fun prop at the photo booth.
  • If your dog unfortunately can’t attend the reception have a cutout of your dog’s face in your photo booth props box. This way, they can photobomb all of your guests’ pictures!
  • Have a custom dog inspired cake topper.
  • Instead of a traditional wedding gift, ask your guests to donate to an animal rescue program or the RSPCA.
  • Send thank you card photos of your dog wearing a ‘Thank you’ wedding sign.

After Wedding

  • Send out “Thank You” cards.
  • Create a movie from your dog’s perspective. This incredible movie can highlight the most memorable moments of your wedding day and can be accompanied by your favourite music. This is something that will last a lifetime, that can be watched time and time again and be easily shared on all social media platforms with your loved ones and guests. We can help organise this for you.
  • Create a customised photo jigsaw puzzle of your wedding day. This is the perfect gift for a wedding anniversary present or a memento of your special day.